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Voice-Hearing Experiences: About


Hollywood has done quite the job on stigmatizing mental health experiences. As a society, when we hear that someone is "hearing voices" or having "auditory hallucinations," we often label that individual as "crazy." 

More than 30% of the population has voice-hearing experiences. And only a small percentage of them ever need any sort of clinical care.  

This means that most of the folks who have voice-hearing experiences never need help and are fully functioning, happy individuals. In other words, voice-hearing doesn't mean you always need help nor does it automatically make you "diagnosable." 

During my time co-directing the Yale COPE Project, I spoke with hundreds of individuals across the globe who have had perceptual experiences in their life--not just with voice-hearing, but also with seeing or feeling things others were not. Some were distressing, some were not. Most of these individuals were able to gain control of these experiences, to make sense of them, and to heal from them. 

If you are having these experiences and are distressed by them, therapy is a great option to get help with this. I offer a safe, non-judgmental and non-stigmatizing space to explore these experiences. 

Voice-Hearing Experiences: Mission


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