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Feeling like we are stuck or have gotten as far as we can working on specific experiences in therapy can be frustrating and stressful. It's something we have all experienced, both as therapists and as people on a healing journey. Collaboration between your primary therapist and an EMDR therapist can help the healing process move forward. 

I partner with primary therapists and their clients to target their clients’ trauma, specifically through their limiting beliefs with EMDR. Brief adjunct EMDR therapy can accelerate progress in traditional therapy and help both the client and the therapist break through stuck points so they can continue their work together effectively. 

Adjunct therapy does not replace or interrupt ongoing therapy; it is supplemental to the primary therapeutic relationship. Clients continue to receive care from their primary therapist. EMDR adjunct therapy is short term (4-12 weeks) and scheduled in an intensive format. 

Adjunct EMDR: Text
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